Human Resources


Our first and foremost priority is human

Therefore human is the greatest starting point for us. Human Resources will continue to exist and develop in our working principle in the most effective, most strategic, and most objective way.

While the 'TAT of the Country' aims to offer the healthiest, highest quality products to the people of this country, it needs modern, innovative and enthusiastic people who have never cut off their ties with today's technology, psychological changes and interactions in the ever-changing world.

For Tat Baklagil, who has pioneered the legume industry for many years, a good career has never meant staying without progress. It is the indescribable satisfation of succes and production, with as much as possible motivation, teamwork without waste of labor

There is an unquestionable truth that 'the investment in people is never a waste of investment'. With this understanding, and with our Human Resources Department, it has always been our principle to carry our work and understanding of work one step further

If you also want to be involved in Tat Bakliyat family, please contact us via for open positions.