One of the leader companies of Turkey’s Legume sector, TaT Bakliyat, Serves successfully under Memişoğlu Group since 1989. Memişoğlu Tarım Ürünleri trade.co.ltd. has continued its activities as Mersin Centered since 1989, and today it operates with 4 factories in Mersin and Edirne with daily production capacity on 1200 tons.

Tat Bakliyat carefully packages its products in its own production facilities. these products are not only cooked in Turkey, but in the kitchen of other 82 countries. It has more than 40 years of experience with product varieties such as Rice, Bulgur, Red Lentil, Chichpea, Bean, Red Bean, Cowpea, Pea, Popcorn and Wheat. Mersin-based company has regional directorates in İstanbul, İzmir, Edirne and has dealers exceeded 30 across Turkey... More »